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Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry?

by | May 7, 2023

Instagram is an excellent platform for displaying your abilities through photographs and videos. The advantage of utilizing Instagram over other social media apps is that users do not have to compromise on the quality of their photos or videos. You may also post high-quality photographs and videos on your Stories. Some users have recently complained that their Instagram stories are fuzzy, even when the original photo or video is of high quality. This does not happen all the time, but it is a significant issue for the majority of accounts, particularly influencer accounts. There are several explanations for this problem. It might be a simple or difficult one, but we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the reasons that are causing your stories to become blurry.

1. Bad Internet Connection

Bad Internet Connection

Your stories may seem blurry if you have a bad internet connection, are using mobile data, or are on a relatively sluggish WiFi network. If you have a slow internet connection, Instagram will reduce the quality of your stories while they are uploading. If this has occurred to you, you’ll find that your stories appear normal while uploading, but the quality drops once the upload is complete. It’s better to upload your stories on a solid WIFI network rather than data. Perform a check on your internet speed first, and if it’s slow, either change the data or wait for the blurry Instagram stories to improve in quality.

2. Unoptimised Instagram settings

Instagram includes a function that restricts data use while a user is connected to a mobile network. This option allows a user to save data while still using Instagram. This appears to be a good idea at first, but there is a catch. Your stories will suffer as a result of limited data usage permission. If you have blurry Instagram stories or your stories have low quality, you should disable the data-saving option when uploading them. It is quite simple to do. Simply follow the instructions outlined below.

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To begin, open your Instagram app and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Unoptimised Instagram settings

On the profile page, there is a ‘more’ button with three horizontal lines. Tap on it. This will open a new menu. From there, select the setting option.

On the following page, you will see different setting options; tap on the account option. This will take you to the following page, where you should tap on the option under cellular data use. Finally, on the right side of the data saver choice, you will see a toggle button. Turn it off by tapping on that button. That’s all it takes to disable the data saver. You will be able to resolve the blurry story issue this way.

3. Unoptimised picture

Unoptimised picture

If you’ve posted an image to your story, the result of a low quality story would be the result of poor optimization, which is most likely caused by Instagram enlarging the original picture you uploaded. If you post a low-resolution or small sized image, Instagram will stretch it to fit your profile window. To resolve this issue, upload a higher-quality picture. It would be great if you went for Instagram’s picture limit of 1 MB. The reason for this is that a better resolution image does not suffer from stretching, thus downsizing a higher resolution photo will not result in a poor quality story. Also, don’t go smaller than 1080px by 1920px.

4. Using an outdated version of Instagram

Using an outdated version of Instagram

If the app version you’re using is out of date, you may be seeing poor image quality. Consider downloading the most recent version of Instagram from Google Play or the iTunes App Store. The application is updated on a regular basis, so make sure you have the most recent version of the Instagram app. You might alternatively update your smartphone with an older model phone. Older devices may have an older version of Android or iOS that is incapable of running a more recent version of the Instagram app.

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5. Not using the Instagram camera

See, your phone’s camera app may be useful, but it may also be problematic. To be more explicit, your default camera app is usually set to take the best photo possible using the camera. As a result, the pictures you take will be a high-resolution. Instagram allows you to upload stories in the best resolutions, but there is a limit. This implies that if the image is larger than it should be, Instagram will automatically make it blurry by decreasing the resolution. To prevent these problems, use the app camera, which is configured to the app’s specifications. Simply said, the Instagram camera captures a photo in a format appropriate for the app. As a result, there is no need to reduce the quality, and the issue of blurry stories will be solved.

6. Issues with the application

If Instagram has an issue that is causing Instagram stories to blur, you will need to download and reinstall it. If there is something wrong with Instagram, reinstalling it may resolve the problem.


So, there you have it, a list of all the viable fixes to the blurry Instagram stories. One of these methods will undoubtedly solve your problem. However, if none of this works, you have one more option. You can report this problem to Instagram support. To report a problem, navigate to settings > help > report a problem. That’s it! Submit the issue, then wait for their response or the problem to be fixed.


How can I fix blurry Instagram stories?

You can fix blurry Instagram stories by ensuring that your images or videos are high-quality and have a high resolution. You can also try closing and reopening the app or clearing the cache.

What is the ideal resolution for Instagram stories?

The ideal resolution for Instagram stories is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall, with an aspect ratio of 9:16. Using this resolution will ensure that your stories look clear and sharp.

Can Instagram stories be blurry due to poor internet connection?

Yes, poor internet connection can cause Instagram stories to appear blurry or pixelated. Make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection when uploading your stories.

Can filters or effects make Instagram stories blurry?

Yes, some filters or effects on Instagram can cause your stories to appear blurry or distorted. Try removing any filters or effects and see if that improves the quality of your story.

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