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Why Are My Tweets Not Posting?

by | Mar 8, 2023

Twitter is a fun tool for communicating with others via tweets and commenting on others’ tweets. On Twitter, you can tweet photos, text, videos, and links. After you do this, your followers will be able to see and interact with your tweets. The issue arises when you are unable to tweet or when your Twitter account fails to post your tweets and instead gives an error message. We will go over the most common reasons for your tweets not posting in depth. In addition, we will provide multiple ways you can use to fix the error of tweets not posting with your Twitter account.

The Most Common Reasons for Tweets Not Posting

Trending topics and issues can be found on Twitter. You can participate in the conversations by leaving comments or tweeting what you want to share with the world. It might be random ideas or a specific thought. Have you tried tweeting but been unsuccessful? Perhaps you’re getting error messages, or nothing seems to be working. If you are experiencing the same issue, look into the possible causes listed below.

Poor Internet Connection

Twitter syncs data via cellular data or Wi-Fi. When you don’t have an internet connection, your Twitter account will be inactive. As a result, if your cellular data subscription has run out or your Wi-Fi is down, you may have trouble tweeting.

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Account Banned or Blocked on Twitter

If your Twitter account has violated Twitter’s standards, it is likely that your account has been temporarily suspended or blocked for an extended length of time. You cannot tweet if you have received a notification from Twitter that your account has been banned or blocked.

Making Use of a VPN

VPNs might help you hide your actual location, but they can also cause your connections to Twitter’s servers to fail. If that happens, your tweets will not reach the server, and you will be unable to tweet.

Bad Links

When you tweet a link, Twitter examines the URL you intend to tweet. If the link is detected in their database of unsafe links, your tweet will be deleted until you change it to a safer one.

Corrupted Cache

Caches make Twitter load faster. But, while using Twitter or doing an update, the cache might get corrupted. If this occurs, your Twitter account will be unable to share tweets unless you first clear the cache.

Tweet Daily Limit Reached

If you’ve been tweeting all day and suddenly your tweets can’t be uploaded, you may have hit your daily limit. When you hit your daily tweet limit, Twitter sends you an error notice, and if you receive it, it means you should stop tweeting for the day and wait until the following day.

Twitter App or Browser is Outdated

If you’re experiencing difficulty tweeting, it might be because your Twitter mobile app is out of date. It’s also possible that your browser is out of date, and using the website to access Twitter may affect your ability to tweet.

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Twitter’s Server Has Gone Down

Your tweets must pass via Twitter’s system in order to be posted. Even though it is unusual, Twitter’s server may be down, which means your tweets will not be posted until Twitter fixes the issue on their end. You can check the Twitter server status to see if it’s down or not.

How To Fix Tweets Not Posting?

We’ve gone over the reasons why your tweets might not be posted. Understanding what is likely affecting your Twitter account allows you to attempt the fixes listed below until you discover one that works for your specific situation.

Check Your Internet Connection

Do a speed test or open a browser and look for something to ensure that your internet connection is not the source of your problem. If your internet is not working, check your cellular data subscription or troubleshoot your Wi-Fi. After the issue has been fixed, try uploading your tweet again.

Update Your Twitter App

Technical flaws or bugs in your Twitter app might reduce its speed, especially if you’re running an old version. Hence, follow the steps below to update it.

For Android users:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store.
  2. At the top, click the search bar.
  3. When Twitter appears, type it in and click the Update button.

For iOS users:

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Choose Updates.
  3. Find Twitter and press the Update button.
  4. Open Twitter and take a crack at tweeting.

Clear Cache

Cleaning your cookies and corrupted cache might help Twitter in posting your tweets and improving its overall efficiency. To clear your browser cache, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Open the browser you use to access Twitter, such as Chrome.
  2. On your keyboard, hold down CTRL + H.
  3. The History Tab will be shown.
  4. Click the Clear Browsing Data button on the left.
  5. Set the Time Range to All Time by clicking the Time Range button at the top.
  6. Check that all options are checked before clicking the Clear data button.
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You can now try tweeting again by opening your Twitter account in a browser. Hopefully, it will work.

Turn off VPN

A VPN can be used against you. If your tweets are not being posted, try turning off the VPN and using your actual location to see if that solves the problem.

Check Your Link

If you are tweeting a link, consider adjusting it because it has most likely been deemed unsafe by Twitter and cannot be tweeted on the platform.

Contact Twitter

Contact Twitter as a last resort, especially if your Twitter account has been suspended or limited despite the fact that you have done nothing to breach their rules of service. Also, if Twitter’s server is unavailable, you must wait until they resolve the issue on their end.


It might be frustrating to be unable to tweet. We’ve observed why this can happen and provided ways to help you in fixing it. Hopefully, you were successful in fixing the problem with your tweets.

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