Why can’t I repost on TikTok?

If you enjoy someone’s TikTok video, you can add it to your account using the ‘Repost’ tool. It allows you to take any TikTokers video and add it to your account as a new video. Anyone can leave a comment on your repost video, which will appear on the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ tabs. However, some users have claimed that the repost option does not appear on TikTok. To resolve the repost option not appearing on TikTok, clean the TikTok cache data, check after other videos with the repost function, update the TikTok application, restart your device, and use your login account. Other troubleshooting solutions for the ‘why can’t I see the repost button on TikTok’ issue can be found in this article. So, be sure to read through the entire article from beginning to end to get your answers.  Let’s get started!!

What is TikTok’s repost option?

TikTok has added a new function to the app called ‘Repost,’ which allows users to instantly post someone else’s video into their account. For example, your friend may have shared an educational and informative video on their TikTok account. You requested the unedited video clip at the time, but they were unable to send it for whatever reason. As a solution, you can simply ‘Repost’ your friend’s previously posted video on your account. When you use someone else’s video for a TikTok repost, it will appear in the bottom video area as ‘Reposted by friends.’ In this approach, the original creator will receive a title and your video will be free of copyright issues. The option to repost is present in practically every TikTok video, however it may be absent for some videos.

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How to repost someone’s TikTok video

Before we go into how to fix the repost option not displaying on TikTok in this article, let’s go through how to repost a video on TikTok correctly. There’s a chance you’re reposting on TikTok incorrectly, which is causing the problem. Not just you, but many other users, make the mistake of posting someone else’s video to their TikTok account as a repost. So, to repost on TikTok on Android and iPhone devices, follow the instructions below. Please keep in mind that the video you repost on TikTok will not appear in your account’s published video section. It will only be accessible on the ‘For You’ tab for other users to see.

Step 1: Launch the TikTok app.

To begin, launch the TikTok app on your Android or iPhone device. After that, if you have been using your account for a long time, log in.

Step 2: Choose a video to repost

After logging in to your TikTok account, just choose the video you want to repost on your account. You cannot select a random video from your friends; instead, you must select a video from the ‘For You’ tab.

Step 3: Click the share button.

After you’ve chosen the video, just hit the “Share” button in the bottom right corner, next to the comment symbol. The share button is a right-facing arrow icon that you can use to share the video with your friends, other social media accounts, and the TikTok duet.

Step 4: Click the repost button.

If you’ve already clicked the share icon, just click the “Repost” yellow button in the center left corner beneath the ‘Send To’ area.

Step 5: Share a TikTok video.

When you hit the repost button, your video will be instantly shared in your account and will only be available on the ‘For You’ tab. You will also notice a notification that says ‘Reposted’ with a green check mark at the bottom.

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Why is there no Repost option on TikTok?

There are several reasons why TikTok does not have a repost option. One issue may be with the creators themselves, while another may be with your installed TikTok app. So we’ve addressed all of the likely causes of the TikTok repost button disappearing.

1. TikTok App is outdated

One of the primary reasons why the repost option does not appear on TikTok is because you are using an older version of the TikTok app. The repost option will be offered in the app in only a few regions beginning in December 2021. However, they are currently available in the majority of areas for their users. So, if you still have an older version of TikTok, you need update to a newer version. You should constantly keep in mind that if you want to try out new features in the app, you will require a new update.

2. The repost feature isn’t available in your area

As previously stated, TikTok tested the ‘Repost’ function in only a few countries and regions. When a new feature is added to the app, the developer will initially test it in a few regions before launching it globally. So, perhaps you are now residing in a location where the ‘Repost’ button is still inaccessible.

3. The repost feature has been disabled by the creator

Users can also opt out of the ‘Repost’ feature on their accounts. If you can repost your videos, it doesn’t imply you should. In your account settings, there is a ‘Repost’ option that you can enable or disable. Other users can repost your video if you allow the repost function in your account, but not if you disable it. So, when you’re preparing to repost someone else’s TikTok video, the same thing applies to you.

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4. You choose random videos

TikTok’s repost option is only available for content that is on the ‘For You’ page. You can’t just grab the video from your friend’s TikTok account and paste it onto your own. This is because TikTok does not allow you to choose random videos from a user’s profile and use them as repost videos. So, if you plan on reposting someone else’s work, make sure it is on the ‘For You’ tab and popular.

5. You are not selecting a video from the ‘For You’ section.

As I previously stated, you can only pick anything for reposting that is available on the ‘For You’ tab. TikTok only allows videos from the for you area for a simple reason. For example, the information on the ‘For You’ page is popular, with many views, likes, and comments. If TikTok lets you to share such stuff on your account, there’s a good possibility it’ll receive a large number of likes and views. This will only favor TikTok because of the large number of new users and views. On the other hand, if you pick a random video from someone else’s profile that has no views or likes, why would TikTok enable you to share such content that TikTok will not even profit from?

6. TikTok app bug

There is a risk that the TikTok app installed on your smartphone includes a minor issue. This is due to your TikTok account being linked to unknown third-party websites, tools, or apps. They will just inject virus and bugs that will cause issues for the application.


There’s possibly no nicer feeling than discovering that your friends also appreciate a video you enjoy. If you can’t use the TikTok Repost button right now, read our guide to find out why. You can always share the joy by manually forwarding the video to your friends until the function is made available to you.

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