With the introduction of Twitter Blue, all the older Blue badges will soon be taken away

by | Feb 11, 2023

Just a few weeks ago, the Twitter CEO announced that all the old verified accounts would be losing their Blue badges as they had become ‘corrupt’. 

Twitter Blue in India

Following the launch of Twitter Blue in India, offering a verification service which costs 650 rupees a month, Elon Musk has once again confirmed that all legacy Blue badges will soon be taken away.

Musk has frequently declared that the enterprise will get rid of all Blue marks as it begins to gain revenue from its platform by asking customers for payments. “We will get rid of all legacy Blue checks very soon. Those are completely tainted,” he affirmed in a post on Twitter.

Previously this month, the CEO of Twitter mentioned that all legacy verified accounts will quickly lose their Blue badges since they are ‘severely corrupted’.

“Twitter’s legacy Blue Verification is unfortunately badly damaged, so it will end in a few months,” he had stated.

Monthly and Yearly Rate for Indian Users

Twitter is offering its Blue service to Indian users at a monthly rate of Rs 650 for web verification and Rs 900 for Android and iOS mobile entities. There is additionally a yearly subscription plan available at a discounted rate of Rs 6,800, which averages out to Rs 566.67 per month. 

Twitter Blue in Other Countries

After the launch in India, Twitter Blue is now offered in 15 countries, comprising the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, and Saudi Arabia.

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Twitter has recently enabled Blue subscribers in America to post longer tweets with up to 4,000 characters. Additionally, those who are subscribed to Twitter Blue will experience fewer ads in their home timeline. Moreover, Twitter has asked businesses to pay a thousand dollars per month to keep their gold badges, and those who don’t pay will have their checkmarks taken away.

Source: www.business-standard.com

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