YouTube Rolls out Experimental Chatbot & AI-powered Comment Summarisation Tools 

by | Nov 8, 2023

YouTube Chatbot & AI-powered Comment Summarisation Tools 

YouTube is testing new AI-powered features to improve user engagement and interaction on its video platform. 

The features include:

1. A chatbot that answers questions about the videos 

2. A comment summariser that highlights the main topics discussed in the comment section

Feature 1: Chatbot Feature

YouTube has launched a chatbot feature that lets users ask questions about the videos they are watching. The feature, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Ask’ button below some videos, provides answers without pausing the video. The feature is similar to ChatGPT, a conversational AI system that can chat about various topics.

The chatbot feature is meant for users who want to learn more about the videos they watch, allowing them to explore the content more easily. The chatbot also suggests related videos and quizzes users on educational videos. The chatbot’s answers are based on large language models that use information from YouTube and the web.

The feature is currently available only to some YouTube Premium members in the US who use Android devices. YouTube plans to make the feature available to more Premium users in the next few weeks.

Feature 2: Comment Summariser Feature

YouTube is also experimenting with a comment summariser feature that organises comments into themes, making it easier for creators and viewers to understand the discussions in the comment section. The summariser focuses on relevant topics, helping users to participate in the conversation more effectively. YouTube says that the summariser will not include data from unpublished comments, comments held for review, or comments with blocked words. Creators can also delete individual comments under specific topics.

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The feature is currently available on a few videos in English, especially those with large comment sections. YouTube Premium users can opt-in to test the feature through the YouTube Experiments page.

YouTube is continuing to experiment with AI-driven features to make the platform more relevant and useful for users. These features are available to a limited audience for now, but YouTube plans to expand their availability based on user feedback and usage patterns.

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