YouTube is Testing a Humming Search Feature for Music

by | Aug 30, 2023

YouTube Humming Search Feature

Google is currently conducting tests on an exciting new feature for YouTube. This feature enables users to hum or record a song, allowing Google to identify it and provide relevant content. Similar to Apple-owned Shazam, this feature adds a Google twist to music search. While the experiment is initially limited to a small percentage of Android users, let’s explore how it works and its potential benefits.

Hum or Record to Identify Songs

If you’re among the fortunate participants in this YouTube experiment, you can hum or record at least three seconds of a song. Google’s advanced technology will then attempt to recognize the song and display related content. This feature streamlines the process of discovering songs and offers a convenient alternative to traditional search methods.

Faster and More Efficient than Competitors

While Google introduced a hum-to-search feature in the Google app and Google Assistant in 2020, the YouTube version boasts enhanced efficiency. TechCrunch reports that YouTube’s version delivers faster results compared to Google’s, which may take 10-15 seconds to identify a song. This improvement ensures a seamless and responsive user experience.

Limited Availability during Testing Phase

Initially, the new YouTube feature will only be accessible to a small percentage of Android users worldwide. Google aims to gather valuable feedback and refine the feature based on user experiences. As the testing phase progresses, it is likely that the feature will become available to a broader audience.

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Streamlining Content Discovery

In addition to the song identification feature, Google is also testing another YouTube feature. This feature groups multiple uploads from a single creator into a special “channel shelf” within the subscriptions feed. The purpose of this experiment is to simplify content discovery, reduce the pressure on creators to upload frequently, and enhance viewer engagement. Initially, this feature will be available to a select group of users.


Google’s ongoing tests on YouTube introduce innovative features that enhance the user experience and streamline content discovery. The ability to hum or record a song for search purposes adds a unique twist to music exploration. While access to these features is currently limited, the experiments aim to gather feedback and improve functionality. As the testing phase progresses, these features may become widely available, benefiting YouTube users worldwide.


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