YouTube Implements Strict Regulations for AI-Generated Videos, Requires Transparency from Creators

by | Nov 16, 2023

YouTube Implements Strict Regulations for AI-Generated Videos

YouTube is making new rules about videos made with AI. Creators have to say if they used AI to make realistic videos. If they don’t say, they can get in trouble and have their videos removed or lose money from ads on YouTube. YouTube wants to encourage creativity with AI but also protect people.

The new rules will let YouTubers say if their videos show things that didn’t really happen or if someone is saying or doing something they didn’t really do. This is important for sensitive topics like elections, conflicts, or public health issues.

YouTube will put labels on videos that have been changed. They’re also using AI to find videos that break the rules. YouTube is updating their complaint process so people can ask to remove videos that use AI to copy someone’s face or voice.

Music partners on YouTube can also ask to remove AI-generated music that sounds like a specific artist.


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