YouTube Introduces Dream Track: AI-Generated Music to Challenge TikTok and Empower Creators

by | Nov 16, 2023

YouTube Introduces Dream Track

YouTube is introducing a new feature called Dream Track that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate and remix music in the styles of popular artists like Sia, Demi Lovato, and T-Pain. This move is seen as a challenge to TikTok, which popularized the use of music in short videos. 

To quickly create a 30-second clip using Dream Track, a creator simply needs to enter a description like “a slow love song about how different people come together, with a cheerful acoustic sound.” Then they can choose the artist they want the song to sound like, and the AI will generate a 30-second clip in that style. The AI algorithm, called Lyria, was developed by Google DeepMind. 

Other Features of Lyria

Lyria, the AI algorithm developed by Google DeepMind, has also been used to create another tool called Music AI. This tool allows artists in YouTube’s incubator program to create, remix, and modify tracks in new and creative ways. For example, it can convert a song from one genre to another, like transforming a hip hop track into a country song. It can also generate a complete instrumental melody and backing track from a whistled tune, or even interpret abstract text input like “sunshine” into a musical composition.

How Does Google Identify Music Created with Lyria?

To ensure that music created using Lyria can be identified, Google is using a technology called Synth-ID to add inaudible watermarks that humans cannot hear. Google mentions that Lyria was trained on a wide range of music content, so it will be interesting to see if they find a way to properly credit every artist who contributed.

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