YouTube Music Introduces Samples: A TikTok-Like Videofeed to Engage Gen Z

by | Aug 30, 2023

YouTube Music Samples

YouTube Music has made a significant move to attract Gen Z audiences by launching Samples, a fresh in-app feature that allows users to browse through brief music video clips from their favorite artists and explore new music. With the growing popularity of short-form videos, YouTube Music aims to tap into this trend while providing a unique platform for music discovery. Let’s delve into the details of this latest feature and its impact on the music streaming landscape.

Engaging Gen Z with Samples

In a recent interview, Gregor Dodson, Director of Product Management at YouTube Music, shed light on the rationale behind the Samples feature and the company’s objectives. Dodson emphasizes that Samples is designed to captivate younger listeners who are accustomed to scrolling through quick videos on social media platforms, offering them a fresh way to discover new music.

Expanding Horizons with Algorithmically-Selected Clips

YouTube Music already allowed users to switch between video and audio-only versions of songs. With Samples, the platform leverages algorithmically-selected video clips to broaden listeners’ musical horizons without straying too far from their initial preferences. Similar to rival music app Spotify, which has also integrated video into its music discovery process, YouTube Music aims to utilize its vast video catalog to quickly tune users into a desired vibe. As users swipe through clips, they can effortlessly add songs to their playlists and create personalized radio stations based on their selections.

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Supporting Music Discovery for a Younger Generation

Dodson highlights the importance of music fans discovering new music, noting that while they express a desire for new content, their actual consumption of new songs remains limited. Samples aims to bridge this gap by serving as a helpful tool in the music discovery process for younger listeners. By offering an engaging video feed, YouTube Music seeks to captivate Gen Z users and keep them actively exploring new artists and songs.

YouTube’s Pursuit of Gen Z Attention

Owned by Google, YouTube Music has previously introduced YouTube Shorts, a feature reminiscent of TikTok, to capture the attention of Gen Z users. With the global launch of the Samples tab, YouTube Music continues to prioritize the preferences of younger audiences worldwide. By tailoring content to specific regions and genres, such as French pop for French users, the platform aims to provide a personalized and immersive music experience.

Differentiation through YouTube Integration

YouTube Music’s close association with the broader YouTube platform remains a significant differentiating factor. The app leverages user data and preferences, allowing for seamless integration and personalized recommendations. This connection offers users a comprehensive music and video streaming experience, further distinguishing YouTube Music from its competitors.


With the introduction of Samples, YouTube Music is making bold strides to attract and retain a loyal Gen Z audience. By incorporating short music video clips into the app, YouTube Music taps into the popularity of TikTok-like experiences while fostering music discovery and expanding users’ musical horizons. As competition intensifies among streaming services, the ability to engage younger listeners becomes crucial for sustained growth. YouTube Music’s innovative features position it as a strong contender in the ever-evolving music streaming landscape.

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