YouTube Now Allows Breastfeeding Videos to Be Monetized

by | Nov 19, 2023

YouTube Now Allows Breastfeeding Videos to Be Monetized

YouTube creators who make videos about breastfeeding can now earn money from their content. Previously, they were not allowed to monetize their videos, but YouTube has changed its policy. However, there are some conditions that need to be met.

To monetize breastfeeding videos on YouTube, creators must meet the following requirements:

There must be a child present in the video.
The creator’s nipples can be visible while breastfeeding or using a breast pump.
The video must include references to breastfeeding, such as showing a child about to breastfeed or actively breastfeeding.

In simpler terms, creators can show their nipples, but YouTube will only allow monetization if there’s a baby in the video and the content is relevant to breastfeeding.

YouTube made this change because they listened to feedback from users who found breastfeeding videos helpful for parents in the early stages of raising a child. They want to give creators more opportunity to share this type of content and earn ad revenue.

This means we can expect more educational content from creators on YouTube that provides guidance and support for new parents.

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