YouTube Plans RSS Upload Support for Podcasters by Year-End

by | Aug 30, 2023

youtube rss upload support podcasters

YouTube is working hard to become a top podcast platform. At the Podcast Movement conference, YouTube’s product lead, Steve McLendon, announced that they will add support for podcasters to upload their podcasts using RSS by the end of the year. This shows YouTube’s commitment to podcasts. In this blog post, we will discuss YouTube’s latest updates, such as its expansion into YouTube Music and how it competes with Spotify and Apple.

YouTube’s Expansion into Podcasts

YouTube has been actively working on becoming a prominent destination for podcasts. Last year, the company introduced a dedicated podcasts homepage, showcasing its commitment to the medium. Now, YouTube is taking it a step further by rolling out support for RSS uploads, which provides podcasters with a convenient way to share their content on the platform. This strategic initiative began as an invite-only beta testing program earlier this year, and the positive response has paved the way for a broader rollout.

Podcasts on YouTube Music

YouTube is also expanding its podcast presence on YouTube Music. By the end of the year, YouTube Music will offer support for podcasts, aligning itself with competitors like Spotify. While YouTube Music had previously introduced podcasts to its U.S. users on iOS, Android, and the web, this expansion will bring the feature to audiences in other markets as well. Additionally, YouTube Music is set to support the inclusion of RSS feeds, including private feeds, allowing users to enjoy a more comprehensive podcast experience within the platform.

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YouTube vs. Spotify: A Battle of Features

As YouTube moves forward with its podcasting ambitions, Spotify is making its own strategic moves. While YouTube embraces RSS feeds, Spotify has ventured into YouTube’s territory by introducing support for video podcasts. Spotify’s video podcast publishing tools have been made available to creators worldwide, expanding its reach beyond Spotify Originals to include various shows. These developments indicate a brewing competition between YouTube and Spotify, as both platforms strive to dominate the podcasting landscape.

The Significance of RSS Feeds and YouTube’s Competitive Edge

YouTube’s inclusion of RSS feed support positions it as a strong contender against podcast apps like Apple Podcasts and Overcast. By allowing users to add RSS feeds, including private ones, to their library within YouTube Music, the platform offers a more comprehensive podcast listening experience. This move puts YouTube Music one step ahead of Spotify, which has yet to support private RSS feeds. The ability to access private feeds directly on YouTube Music eliminates the need for users to subscribe elsewhere and import feeds into their preferred podcast player.

Industry-Wide Podcasting Developments

Amidst YouTube and Spotify’s competition, both platforms continue to enhance their podcast creator tools. Apple introduced subscription analytics and partnered with Linkfire to provide creators with valuable insights and promotional opportunities. Meanwhile, Spotify introduced new customization tools, analytics, and controls for podcast creators, further solidifying its position in the podcasting realm.


YouTube’s commitment to hosting podcasts is evident through its upcoming support for RSS uploads and the expansion of podcasts on YouTube Music. These developments position YouTube as a formidable competitor to Spotify and Apple in the podcasting industry. By embracing RSS feeds and offering an array of podcast-related features, YouTube is poised to attract podcasters and listeners alike. As the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how YouTube’s efforts shape the future of this dynamic medium.

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