Apple Overtakes Samsung as the Top Smartphone Brand in 2023

by | Jan 17, 2024

Apple Overtakes Samsung as the Top Smartphone Brand

Despite the iPhone’s popularity in North America and Western Europe, Apple has never been the top-selling smartphone brand worldwide. Samsung has usually held that position, possibly because Apple doesn’t compete in the budget phone market. However, in 2023, Apple managed to sell more smartphones than any other brand, according to market analysts IDC and Canalys. Samsung dropped to the second spot.

Though the difference is small, both analysts estimate that Apple and Samsung each have around 20 percent market share, with Apple slightly ahead. IDC reported that Apple shipped 234.6 million smartphones, while Samsung shipped 226.6 million, giving Apple a slight edge.

This is the first time that Apple has topped the global smartphone shipment chart for an entire year. Samsung had been in the lead since 2011, surpassing Nokia and RIM at that time.

The increase in Apple’s smartphone shipments contributed to its top position, with IDC estimating a 3.7 percent increase. However, the main reason for Apple’s success was the significant decline in Samsung’s shipments. Samsung shipped 262 million smartphones in 2022 but experienced a drop of over 13 percent in 2023. Samsung has been focusing on mid-range and high-end smartphones to improve profitability, while budget phones have a large market worldwide.

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