YouTube Unveils TV Channel Page Layout, Enabling Creators to Reach Diverse Viewership

by | Feb 21, 2024

YouTube Unveils TV Channel Page Layout

YouTube has reached a new milestone with more people watching YouTube on their home TV sets. To make the most of this trend, YouTube is launching a new channel page layout specifically for TV. This update will allow creators to better connect with a wider range of viewers.

According to Nielsen, YouTube was the top streaming platform in terms of watch time in 2023. It is no longer just seen as a complement to traditional TV but has become a primary choice for video content, especially among the younger generation.

YouTube reports that viewers around the world now watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube content on their TVs every day. The number of top creators who receive most of their watch time on TVs has increased by more than 400%. Additionally, views of YouTube Shorts on connected TVs have grown by over 100% in the past year.

The new channel layout for connected TVs features a larger channel art display and a bigger “Subscribe” button to drive growth. This update aligns with the increasing popularity of YouTube on TV and allows creators to better engage with their audience.

For marketers, this development is significant. YouTube’s connected TV viewership has been steadily increasing, providing more opportunities for brands to reach these viewers with TV-like promotions at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV advertising. TV ads are highly effective in terms of brand recall and response. Therefore, it is worth considering how to leverage YouTube’s expanding connected TV ad options to reach the target audience and tap into this growing segment with TV-like reach through digital ad targeting.

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As YouTube continues to enhance its connected TV offerings, it’s worth exploring how it can fit into marketing strategies and reach a larger audience.

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